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Cetus FPV Kit
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So you’ve seen some mind blowing FPV drone videos on YouTube, or maybe you met an FPV pilot in a park and they let you try on FPV goggles… But you aren't sure how to start your own FPV jurney? Like every discipline, FPV branches out into several sub-dyscyplines which vary a bit. Let's try to find out what type of flying you are most excited about.


Freestyle in our opinion is most versatile type of flying. After you master freestyle flying you'll easily transit to cinematic or racing. Who knows, maybe you become the next Mr Steele?

We recommend Halcyon


You'd like to be a filmmaker or you already are? For you cinematic flying is the way to go. It's all about smooth shoots done with a great camera, which show the beauty of the place and the moment.

We recommend Pavo 30


You'd like to try FPV, but aren't willing to spend much money? Try tinywhoops! They are a great way to learn acro flying and are super fun to fly. You can try to squeeze them through tiny holes around your house and crash them over and over. One disadvantage is that they aren't capable of carrying full size cameras like GoPro

We recommend Cetus Kit

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